Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Snow Dog Lives! Update #1

Okay- Back to normal
In my last update on the Snow dog I stated that I needed a new seat post. Well, I got an old salsa "Shaft" post that was long enough and it went in there. Now the leg extension is perfect. This really makes a big diffrence to me in how the bike feels. Now it feels "back to normal" again.

I also mentioned that I was interested in the larger rear cog for a front derailleur free set up. I think I have something in mind for that which will wait till later. (As in- it isn't available just yet)

The big thing- and I've talked about this before, is rims and new wheels. I have looked at all the carbon stuff, and it is very nice, but I think I will be sticking to aluminum, unless Salsa Cycles or Surly has something new up their sleeves. They should, you know. Why does this matter? Because I have become more and more convinced that I need wider rims and big tires. Bigger than 3.8's, at least for the type of riding I do, which is not on groomed stuff. I like bushwhacking, I guess!

Finally, I am liking the purple hub on The Snow Dog. Maybe a full on purple hubbed wheel set that could be swapped between the two? Maybe?


z-man said...

What are you running for tire pressures?

Guitar Ted said...

@z-man: Always less than 10psi with the tubed Larry 3.8's These are the 27TPI ones, wire bead, and were the stock tires from the original build. Tubes are the Bontrager 29 X 2.5" Presta valve type.

New shoes for the Snow Dog are also something that will happen soon.

S Sprague said...

Yes on the purple hubs!
You looking to get a WTC 42t GC? I'm waiting for one too. You keeping the current headset in the picture on the SG? Wasn't sure if you'd change it out to match the hubs. Just a thought.

I would think Surly/Salsa will come out with carbon rims this year.


Guitar Ted said...

@S Sprague The gearing idea is something I cannot talk about......yet! But I will, and it will be top of the line, the latest thing, etc. (hint-hint!)