Friday, February 14, 2014

Trans Iowa Wins Award

I am proud to announce that Trans Iowa has been awarded the Grinnell "Outstanding Tourism Experience Award" for 2014.

Grinnell Iowa is the city that David Pals and I decided to move Trans Iowa to back in 2010, when after a dismal experience with the city of Williamsburg Iowa had us looking elsewhere for a home base for Trans Iowa. When we found Grinnell, we found a home for the event, and I have not found any good reason to leave Grinnell since.

Grinnell made a big impression in many ways upon me, but none more impactful than that of Sheryl Parmely, formerly of the Grinnell Chamber of Commerce   She was so prompt and attentive to the needs of Trans Iowa and her accommodating attitude was outstanding throughout. Sheryl even gave me a tour of the city! Sheryl has since moved on from the Chamber, but her replacement, Rachael Kinnick, has continued to show me the same high level of attention and service to Trans Iowa.

If I may be so bold, I want to say that I am very proud to receive this award on behalf of my former co-director, David Pals, and all my past Trans Iowa volunteers, without whom I would not ever have had the honor of receiving this award. I am especially proud that in our efforts to put on Trans Iowa, we have always been focused on what would best benefit the city that hosted the event, and to have this award bestowed upon Trans Iowa shows me that we have attained to some degree of success in doing that.

Thanks to Grinnell, the Grinnell Chamber of Commerce, Sheryl Parmely, Rachael Kinnick, and the Chamber businesses that have felt Trans Iowa was impactful enough to have been recognized for this honor.


MG said...

Very cool... Congratulations, Brother!


Steve Fuller said...

Fan. Freaking. Tastic.

Congrats to both you and David!

MG said...

Congratulations! Great to see all the work you have put into Trans Iowa be recognized in this way!