Monday, February 03, 2014

Fulfilling A Promise

The end of a great day
My son had been wanting to go sledding for a while. However; one thing or another has been getting in the way for about a month now. Sickness, super cold weather, or some other activity. He was pretty disappointed several times. But not this past weekend.

It started out with about 4 inches of fresh snow, so that was good, but we needed to clear the walks and street parking first. That took up about two hours.  Jacob helped with that chore and did a great job.

Then we had some lunch, and oddly enough, the gals went out shopping, leaving us by ourselves. Jacob decided we needed to just chill out and watch some television for a while. Eventually, after I just about feel asleep, he got up and announced that it was time to go sledding. So, I put the sled in the back of the Truck With No Name and we set out for the dike to slide down as many times as he wanted to.

There were other things I could have done that day that were cycling related. I could have gone and supported the local snow bike race, and run my fat bike. I could have gone to Des Moines to ride with friends on gravel to Perry Iowa and back. Yeah.....but those things are not all that important. I was reminded of that when earlier in the day, Jacob was going though a rough spot, and I stopped and had a bit of a time out chat with him. Calmed him down. Everything was better after that, and then he said to me later,

"Thanks for encouraging me earlier, Dad."

Beats going on any bike ride any day, for my own purposes. Glad I decided to stay home and spend my time with my son instead.


Steven Butcher said...

In my opinion, there is no higher calling. Well done!

Llama said...

I completely understand. As a father of two small children, it's often difficult to choose to spend a day on the bike when the joys (and challenges) of parenting are at home.