Friday, February 14, 2014

Friday News And Views


Just a few odds and ends today about Trans Iowa First up- the t-shirts are just about all printed. Next up will be the hats. I should have a sample to show of the hats soon.

Secondly, I am going to be sending out e-mails soon to the riders and volunteers on my list to (a) confirm you are still planning on showing up, (b) to confirm your shirt and hat size so I can presort the shirts out, and (c), ask for your menu preference for the Pre-Race Meat-Up at the Grinnell Steakhouse.

I am also going to be announcing some news about the barn we are planning on using again for the finish line, and possibly more. It's the "possibly more" that is in the cross hairs. Anyone up for a Saturday night barbecue/gathering at the Barn? Any ideas on what could be going on with this feature are welcomed.

Finally, concerning the Trans Iowa Tales, I have completed these and they are all scheduled to be posted on weekends through the end of this month. After that, weekends will be dedicated to Trans Iowa topics till the event is run in late April.

This is Nebraska
Odin's Revenge:

I sent off my post card today to throw my hat into the ring for Odin's Revenge.  This will be my third event of 2014, (the first was Triple D and the second will be the Renegade Gents Race in April), and I am pretty excited about going back there.

If you read my post from yesterday, this is one of those events that- for me- has that certain something that a big-time, hyped, supported, or "overly engineered" event doesn't have, or cannot possibly have. Sorry.....I cannot quantify what "it" is for you. You can make up yer own mind on such matters, I trust. I will just say that I really appreciate how Odin's Revenge is run, the terrain we get to ride, and all the work that goes into putting on the event in the way it is done.

My goal is to finish the "big course", which seems as though it will be 160 miles this year. Not sure on the exact mileage, but I plan on getting it done. I have no idea what bike I will take for certain yet, but if I take the old Fargo, I would be just fine with that. We'll see. Plans for training have been and will be executed. Stay tuned.......

On a side note to the events I had planned on doing- I was hinting that I wanted to ride in the Almanzo 100, but as it happens, that event is on a day that I had planned something special with my son, and I cannot attend this year. I'm kind of bummed about that on one hand, but hopefully there will be a chance next year.

Imagine one of these with 29+ rubber.
Frostbike 2014:

So, next weekend is Frostbike, the dealer only show at Quality Bicycle Products. While it isn't likely that any 2015 Salsa Cycles stuff will be publicly announced, (they'll wait till Saddledrive in Utah this Summer to do most of that, I bet), I will take this opportunity to announce what I would do!

Ever since I've seen the 29+ concept I've thought about a bikepacking rig with those tires and wide rims. To my mind, backcountry touring/camping would be best on a bike with no suspension, basic components that are reliable and field serviceable, and with versatility in mind. Surly came out with the ECR, which I think is awesome. However; I think Salsa Cycles could do something here that I think would be brilliant.

If it were up to me- and believe me, it is not at all up to me- I would introduce a 29+ Fargo that has pretty much everything the Fargo of 2014 has, but I might eschew any suspension correction at all for it. I know that is risky business, but there is no real, approved option for 29+ front suspension, and the front end on the Fargo is tall enough as it is. But other than that minor detail, I see absolutely no reason not to move the Fargo in this direction. But then again.......I have a twisted mind! 

Okay, that's all for today. It's warming up in our neck of the woods, so maybe you'll be out riding. If not, get outside. Move! Enjoy life.......


Ari said...

I agree that you hava a "twisted mind" and that is the reason we love you!
Happy Valentine's Day from Ari,Dr. Giggles,Cookie,T.J.,Gumby,A.G.,Jakey La Cruz, Dereek Von Weider, Special K,Bonk King.

Jason said...

Just have to comment on the Nebraska picture, wow that looks nice right about now!!

Chad Q said...

Odin is looking forward to your presence Gt !!!

Steve Fuller said...

As soon as the ECR was announced, all I could think of was a 29+ Ti Fargo with alternators.

While I understand the desire to design the Fargo to be front suspension compatible (after all it is a drop bar mountain bike), I agree with you WRT suspension for a 29+ version. I would rather have it not be suspension corrected, and go back to the taller head tube for more cargo space in the main triangle. I guess the bigger issue would be the availability of non sus-corrected tapered steerer forks (since that's the way the industry appears to be going these days).