Thursday, February 20, 2014

Frostbike 2014: Preview

What will pop up on the screen this year?
Frostbike is happening this weekend up in Bloomington, Minnesota. Yes......I will be there. I should be haunting the TC area from about Friday afternoon till sometime Sunday when I will sink back Southward to Iowa where I belong.

This has become something of a yearly tradition for me. I do not keep count of such shenanigans, but I should say I've been to Frostbike almost every year for 10 years or so by now. Anymore I just figure that sometime in mid-February I'll be heading up to the Twin Cities for some geeking out on bike stuff, and more importantly, to see some great people.

Let's see- I've seen the first fat bike I ever saw at Frostbike, I rode my first 36"er at Frostbike, I have almost gone into the ditch going to Frostbike, I got a good friends car impounded at Frostbike, I've seen the holy grail of bike piles while attending Frostbike, I've gotten inebriated several times while attending Frostbike, and I've even injured myself while attending Frostbike. (Note: Not all these things happened while at QBP, so you legal hounds can relax, okay?)

Let's just say that Frostbike has been mostly about people, goofing off, and maybe getting a bit of news here and there along the way. Hey! Whatta ya expect from a guy that has been frozen out of the mountain bike trails, and has been hand shoveling piles of snow for two or three months? A guy has to let off some steam now and again. But this time I think Frostbike just may be a bit heavier on the news side of the equation. Yes.....I do know about a few things, but those things alone would not constitute my feeling that this time I just might be busier tapping out keyboards instead of kegs.

Fat bikes obviously will be something of note, as will the attendant componentry. I think we'll see some non-fat bike stuff on the hardware side and, of course, gravel tidbits. I understand All City has something coming out, (maybe that disc brake edition of the Macho Man), and I'm sure there will be some surprises.

Stay tuned for a full report on all the goings on here Monday.


Nathan said...

I'll be heading up for my first crack at Frostbike this year (just Sunday though). I have no idea what I'm getting myself into, but all indications are that it'll be a blast.

DP said...

I'll be there on Saturday. I think this is my 5th year or so. Hopefully I'll run into you. If you see a tall man with a beard from Eau Claire, that's me. Good luck :P

Head Honcho said...

Its going to be weird not attending. I don't think I've missed one. Ever.

MG said...

Have a great trip, Brother. Safe travels!