Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Trans Iowa V10: Epilogue

Image by Wally Kilburg
Of course it has been over a week now since the end of T.I.V10 and I've had some time to reflect on what happened and talk things out with some friends. I have sorted a few things, but there are a lot of intangibles that still linger. I may never fully understand what happened.

And I'm okay with that part.

So, I'll just leave this one behind with a few personal comments and observances and then it is time to move on. First and foremost......
  • Thank You To The Slender Fungus: I said it before in my recap, but I'll repeat it again- This Trans Iowa was so much better because of that group of people. You folks taught me a valuable lesson, and I am so grateful to all of you. 
  • The Toughest: In my opinion, this one was the toughest of the ten so far. The mileage was up there, the course was pretty hilly, and ten B Roads, well........actually it ended up being eleven with the re-route! Then the weather not only played a major role, but did it in such a way that it turned the intensity and difficulty of the route far beyond what I ever had envisioned for Trans Iowa V10. And 19 people still overcame it. Amazing! 
  • Personal Stats: I drove well over 600 miles in three days, filled up the gas tank, (at least partially), three times, had only one energy drink, (a new personal best), and was up for a record 43 hours without sleep. 
  • Rider Stats: 106 riders took the start, (new record), and this event had the second lowest finishing rate of a complete Trans Iowa. (V1 was a bit lower) 99 riders made it through Checkpoint #1, (new record), 62 through Checkpoint #2, and 19 finished in the time limit. (Scott McConnell finished the route outside the time limitations for his second time.) We had two new women finishers. (Agytha Gryglak, Sarah Cooper) Jay Barre became the third rider ever to finish a Trans Iowa on a fixed gear bicycle. (Ken Yokanovich V3 and Ben Shockey V5 were the other two.) Trans Iowa was won for the second year in a row by a "Rookie". (Last year's winner was Rich Wince) For two years running, the winners have used green handle bar tape.
The Slender Fungus (well most of them!)

Trans Iowa V10 was exciting, and went rather smoothly, but I could have done without the bridge re-route and the extreme weather. Logistically it was the best yet. We did not have one serious problem, (aside from the bridge out which was handled smoothly), and all riders were accounted for. The cues were agreed to have been spot on once again. The volunteers were awesome once again. (Thank you volunteers!!!) The riders were all stellar. We had a few that suffered mishaps, but thankfully I do not know of anyone that suffered a major injury. Response was overwhelmingly positive.

I want to take this chance upon this final statement on T.I.V10 to say that I thank everyone involved from the City of Grinnell, the Grinnell Steakhouse, Bikes To You, Europa Cycle & Ski, the riders, volunteers, and the families and friends that were a part of Trans Iowa V10. A Special Thank You goes out to Jeremy Fry, Wally Kilburg, George Keslin, my wife Phyllis, and my two children, Izabel and Jacob. You folks were and are the keys to Trans Iowa happening at all.

I had a blast, I am exhausted, I am satisfied with what Trans Iowa has become over the years. Many have openly asked and wondered if V10 would be the final Trans Iowa. To you folks I say that this is a serious question that I have been wrestling with for a few years and never more so than right now. When I come up with an answer I will let you all know.

For now it is time to move on. Back to the regularly scheduled blog for tomorrow! Thanks for reading about my Trans Iowa V10 experience.

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Joe Frost said...

Sure appreciate the writeup! Not only was this probably the toughest TI, it was the best for ex-riders to watch from afar. It started so perfectly….as the audio reports came in it was like….this was not the year to skip, everybody is going to finish the race this time. Then as the weather deteriorated it was like….sure am glad I'm not riding thru THAT, no way anybody is going to finish. The audio updates were so engaging, you really got a good idea of the event by hearing the riders when they were actually out on the course. And finally…19 people managed to get to the end, really amazing! Everyone taking the line is taking on an incredible challenge but those 19….they are really out of this world. Thanks for all of the effort to put on this incredible event again, there are a ton of us out here who really appreciate it :)