Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Trans Iowa Masters Program: Updates

This road is on the Masters Program route.
The good news is that the entire Trans Iowa Masters Program route has been cue sheeted and is there if you want to down load those cues. The bad news, (if you are averse to dealing with challenges), is that I have not, and probably won't get around to, reconning anymore of it than I have on-line or the tiny amount of it I have driven.

That means that if there are roads out, bridges out, or construction, you'll have to deal with it. 

I think you folks can handle it. Now with that said, here are some notes on the course that those of you who may take this route on might find interesting.

  • The first sector is new until you get to the high school on the East edge of Hawarden where T.I.V1 and V2 started. Then it is all V1's route into Orange City.  
  • With a bit of "transfer" in Orange City, the route goes to V2's path until you get to Algona. 
  • From Algona to Osage the routes of V1 and V2 were close to the same. All of this sector of the Masters route is fromV2. V1's route deviated notably going from Algona to Forest City. 
  • Out of Osage until the route gets midway into Howard County the route is V2.
  • Midway in Howard County to just South of Cresco the route is mostly new with some V2 thrown in at the end. This was done for a personal reason, that being......
  • I wanted the route to pass by my family's homestead just East of "Maple Leaf", which was a tiny town at one time.
  • Going into Cresco and up until a few miles before Decorah the route is from Trans Iowa V4 running it backward.
  • Trans Iowa V3 and V4 both left Decorah going out on Quarry Hill Road just beyond the bridge over the Upper Iowa River. You will cross the "start line" of both those Trans Iowas with 47.87 miles to go to the end of the Masters route.
  • The Masters route follows T.I.V3 until the intersection of Ellingson Bridge Dr and Iverson Bridge Road where the rest of the route is all new until you reach Lansing Iowa. 
 Okay, and with that I am mostly done with setting up the Masters Program. NOTE: This route is not staying up past August 31st, so if you think you'd ever want to ride it, download it now by going here. Find the pages dedicated to the cues and get it. I am not going to ever publish this route again after August 31st when the Trans Iowa Masters Program will close. Don't ask me later, because when it is gone, it's gone for good.

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