Saturday, May 24, 2014

Trans Iowa Masters Program: Update

Here's the latest on the Masters Program for anyone out there wondering about this.

Okay, the cues for the "First Semester" and the directions for the "Mid-Term" have all been posted here. You will note that the cues are arbitrarily broken up into "quarters", which approximate 1/4 of the distance for each "Semester". You can print those off an reformat them any ol way you see fit, but that's how I am presenting them.

I used the classic Trans Iowa cue formatting, so anyone that has done a Trans Iowa in the last four or five years should be familiar with the cue formatting. A special "Mid-Term" section refers to the small section of truly off road trail through Pilot Knob State Park. There is a small map and directions for reference. A note: If you should find the opening to the trail too difficult to locate, simply follow the paved road through the park, but please be aware that it is much longer and has more elevation gain!

The "Second Semester" will get posted over this weekend holiday during my down time. This will take you from the East end of Pilot Knob State Park to Lansing, Iowa. It will be split into quarters as well. This section is slightly less mileage but will have far more difficult terrain, especially the last quarter!

Finally- I have not been able to verify any of this route yet, so there may be a few discrepancies once folks get out in the field. I don't expect any, but there could be something. I am going to check on a few bits when I get time, but don't expect a "Trans Iowa" like, pristine cue sheet experience. There may be added adventure, but for this route, that's going to be part of the deal. (If you even have to do any re-routing at all)

Stay tuned for more soon......

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Landon said...

Look forward to doing the program. When I have a few days.