Sunday, June 14, 2015

Night Shift

Just about there.....
Sometimes you have to be patient with your  cycling desires, especially when you are a husband, father, and.......a bicycle mechanic. You see, sometimes folks find out who you are and what you do, and they "need help", so, you know.........the next thing ya know you're working on somebody else's stuff and not your own.

Saturday was such a day. I fetched a couple bikes from out of town and took care of them, then delivered them back again. That pretty much shot my day. It was on to barbequing and eating with the family. By the time that was over, it was dark, and I finally got down to the Lab to attempt to finish off a project I had started several days ago. The refreshing of the Singular Cycles Buzzard.

Besides restoring it with the chain and rear derailleur I pilfered off of it to test the ten speed Gevenalle GX shifter, I needed to refresh the sealant in the tires, since the bike hadn't been ridden in a month of Sundays. In fact, the tires had actually pulled down off the bead seats, so I actually had to reset the beads by pulling the valve cores out and hitting the tire with a blast of air from my miniscule air compressor I have in the Lab. It took a couple of tries, but after adding a little more sealant, it went together.

I still have to get the chain taken care of. Either shorten the old one, or go with a new one. Then it's on. Ready to shred.

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