Monday, September 14, 2015

Guitar Ted "Lube-Off": Update

DuMonde Tech post Gravel Worlds
Okay, as promised a while back, I have a bit of an update on the Lube-Off here to give ya'all. First, a bit of an update on my DuMonde Tech experiences.

I have utilized this lube on my "primary racing bikes"- the "Fat Fargo" and my Raleigh Tamland Two, all Summer and now into early Fall. The Tamland Two got the call at Gravel Worlds, and I've done a few gravel rides and commutes since then with no lube maintenance at all since I put the new drive train on it back last June.

Gravel Worlds, while not as deep in silty dust as Odin's Revenge was, had a fair amount of sandier dust present. In fact, I had more dirt stuck on my shins from that ride than I have ever had anywhere before. So, it was a pretty severe test. Once again, as you can see, the chain doesn't look too bad. I still cannot hear any noises coming from it, so I am going onward with this until I do hear noises. By the way, I think it is worth pointing out that I used the "heavy" lube formula and not the "light", as would be recommended for gravel/dust/sand conditions. Also worth noting is the cassette, which I wiped in DuMonde Tech before mounting it, as a test. You'll notice how clean it is compared to the next test shot I post here. Finally, I will eventually measure chain wear, but so far, this has shifted and worked flawlessly since I installed the parts and lubricated them. Wear issues haven't been noticed, but I will measure things up soon.

Rock & Roll Gold after about 150 miles
Next up is the Rock & Roll Gold which has slightly less miles than my Tamland Two with DuMonde Tech.

The shifting and noise levels here are on par with the DuMonde Tech, but there is a noticeable higher amount of dust accumulation on everything on this drive train.

The Rock & Roll was applied once and not done since then, so there isn't any "layering" of dirt levels here. This is just from one application. It isn't "bad", but it isn't quite as nice as DuMonde Tech. Again, shifting performance is great. Noise is okay, nothing noticeable here in that regard. So, it is still a neck and neck contest with DuMonde Tech, with the edge to DuMonde for staying cleaner.

I'll keep running this initial application of Rock & Roll Gold until I start hearing the chain make noise, then I'll update. Right now I'd have to say that it isn't a bad choice for gravel riding. The tale of the chain checker later on may make that a different story though, so hold on to your hats on this one.....

Next up, a single speed drive train!

A little Pro Gold action. About 50 miles on this one so far.
Pro Gold lube is a wet lube, really, and it has a special way of cleaning the chain when you apply it. However; I am treating this in the same manner as I am the other lubes to keep the competition fair. So, one application, and go!

As you can see, the dust coating is thicker and consistent all over the chain. I suspected this would happen, since it is a wet lube after all. That said, I am going to run this more to see if it accumulates more dust, or if it stays the same, or if it kind of self-cleans.

Of course, it isn't a fair comparison, really, since it is a single speed drive train and all, but I thought it would be interesting to see how it turns out. Typically I would "clean" this off with a reapplication of Pro Gold lube, but as I said, that's not what I intend for this test. Obviously, I would go through more lube using this stuff as it was meant to be used, but I may be surprised by what happens if I just keep running it this way. Stay tuned.......

Okay, that's it so far, but I will be back later on into Fall with some final "dry lube" comments before things get into Winter and what I expect will be wetter conditions. Then we'll switch over to wet lube testing mode and continue onward.

Thanks for reading!

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