Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Evil Wheels

Goin down the highway to Hell.
I've got this Surly 1X1 and it has been nothing but a frustrating machine since I've gotten it rolling. The issue is flat tires. I cannot ride this bike much over a mile without the valve stems failing, (mostly), or having the tube fail mostly in the front wheel, although I have gotten a flat in the rear finally now.

Punctures? Nope. Never have the tubes ever punctured. Not once in the seven flats I've gotten has any of them been caused by a puncture.

The cause is the evil wheels that are on it. To be even more precise, it is the Mavic rims. I've tried every trick in the book I've learned in my 16 years of being a mechanic on bicycles and all to no avail. These evil wheels must die! I have not ridden this bike once over the distance of one mile very far without getting a flat tire. The wheels are cursed, I say, cursed!

So they will be torn apart and the rims will be replaced. Perhaps even the hubs, and then the wheels can stay in one piece, but who would want such a cursed wheel set? Not I. I am done with these circles of doom. These evil wheels of doom!

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