Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Trans Iowa V12: News And Updates

NOTE: Readers that are unfamiliar with Trans Iowa, please notice that from time to time I interrupt the "normal programming" here to use this channel to disseminate news and updates concerning Trans Iowa. Thanks for your reading, and look for a "normal post" tomorrow.

Today I wanted to cover a few things that are developing and also clarify something that came up over the weekend. I'll cover the last thing first....

Rookies that are thinking about giving Trans Iowa a try, please understand that you have to keep checking back to the Trans Iowa site or here for a registration announcement. There never has been, and especially this year, won't be, a decisive, line in the sand time when this will take place for you Rookies. If you have been paying attention, a "window of time", (likely three weeks), will be allotted for Rookies to send in a post card. Every person entering can send in one and only one post card. These will be collected over the period of three weeks, and then there will be a drawing. I suspect that this will all be over before November gets old, and that's all I am saying about that now. Bottom line: If you are thinking about getting one of 40 available Rookie spots, stay tuned.......

Next up- Lodging! I have been working with my Grinnell Chamber of Commerce contact, who has been great, to get a lodging deal in place for T.I.v12. Look for us to offer a larger block overall over two motels this time. Preliminary rate quotes look really great, so you'll want to jump at this chance. I'll make an announcement on the Trans Iowa site when this goes live, so once again, stay tuned!

Next up- The Pre-Race Meat-Up: I am waiting on final confirmation on our pre-race meeting spot. Remember, if you want to ride in T.I.v12, you must attend and make "Checkpoint Zero" on time! I'll have all the details in a future announcement, but- you guessed it- stay tuned!

Next Up- The Finish Line: I am trying to get the finish line to be at the barn again, but this isn't sewed up 100% yet, and things could possibly change here. Once again.....stay tuned! 

And Finally..... Would anyone be at all interested in a cycling specific art show or something of that ilk? I'm throwing out the idea here and if I get any inkling of interest, I'll pursue this idea, but I need to hear solid feedback from you out there- Whether you'd attend or want to be a part of this. Speak up, or forever hold yer peace! 

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