Thursday, March 09, 2017

Gizmo Update

Mounts for the Gizmo
It has been some time since I have spoken about the new GPS gizmo thing-a-matron I have gotten to record my ride data with. Specifically, the device is named a Lezyne Super GPS. Just exactly how "super" it is will be determined later. Right now it seems to be a pretty snazzy little unit to keep track of things with.

So, I took the next step in regard to getting comfortable with this thing and that was to get myself more mounts. Mounts for GPS computers are nothing but special clamps with proprietary key-wayed slotted bases which work off of tension created by a cross member in the base. They aren't anything that awesome, but they cost like they are. Oh well, what are ya gonna do? 3D print yer own? Oh!.......wait.......

Okay, lacking a 3D printer of my own, I went ahead and purchased two more mounts made by Lezyne. So, these are "official" and all. Just to be clear.....

Anyway, I mounted one on the Tamland, one on the Twin Six Standard Rando, and the original is on the Black Mountain Cycles rig. The "O" ring mount is on the Gen I Fargo.......I think. I'll have to go check on that. It's somewhere anyway. So, I'll have four mounts to swap the GPS head into and out of. This will make the so-called "Super GPS" a bit more, well.........super. I'll be more apt to use it a lot more often.

The next two steps will involve more functions of the unit. One will be turn-by-turn directions, which are supposedly now available with the Super GPS units, and the other is to mount the sensor on one of the bikes to see how the cadence function works. But the latter function will only be used to verify it works. I am definitely not using cadence. 

Stay tuned for an update on this GPS deal sooner than later......


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