Saturday, March 11, 2017

Trans Iowa v13: Changes To The Route

T-shirt design for TIv13
Okay, so here is a list of names I haven't heard from regarding a t-shirt size. Remember- you must read the e-mail I sent and respond to that. 
  •  Allie Cortlett
  • Teri Collins 
  • Robert Williams
  • Ian Wilkey
  • Jamin D Williamson
  • Matt Acker
  • Dan Hughes
  • Paul Brogan
  • Timothy Winterlin
  • Ethiene Narvaez
  • Kenny Branham
  •  Bill Ostroski
  • Alex Oenes
  • Nickel Potter
  • Paul Urnanski
  • Benjamin Sopko
  • Matthew Kutilek
  • Nick McColloch
  • Keisuke Inoue
  • Balvindar Singh
  • Lee Adams
  • Crystal Wintle
  • Andrea Cohen
Finally, I will be out doing a major reroute/recon of the leg from CP#1 to CP#2. I didn't like a few things and I have found a solution which addresses all my concerns. So, look out for a recon report on that soon. Also- I have been talking to WTB who is sponsoring T.I.v13. It looks as though all finishers of the event will again be going home with some tires from WTB. I'll have more details on that in the future just before the event.

Stay tuned........

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