Monday, July 31, 2017

Badger Update

The new Cazaderos on the Badger
Friday I mentioned the new tires on the Badger were in and so here it is. I had already seen these treads on my friend's Ti Fargo. They aren't real wide, but the tires should be fine for gravel. The surprising things were the tire's weight and how hard they were to mount.  

As for the weight, they came in at 530 grams a piece. That's pretty crazy light when you consider that many gravel tires in the 40-42mm range weigh this much  So, there isn't much to go around for material on a bigger casing. I won't be expecting these to be very tough tires. 

They also fit my rims, which are a Stan's designed rims, super tight!  I haven't worked that hard to mount tire's in a long time! As a side note, the Teravail Sparwood's I removed came off far easier than they went on these rims, which was almost as difficult to do as these Cazaderos were to do.  I suspect that the Cazaderos will stretch quite a bit as well. Especially after I rode these new tires. They are very supple!  

In fact, they require a bit more air pressure than I would normally consider for this large a tire. I had about 40psi in the back and that was about 5 psi too low, I think. I need to do a lot more experimenting with air pressures to figure out this tire. At least it looks good,


Kenny Cyphers said...


I think you will find the Cazaderos an excellent tire. They are very light and supple and offer very good pavement performance do a larger knobbie. I have had no flat issues, probably due to the thick tread along the centerline. They are a dream to ride on gravel and offer good confidence in corners and looser/deeper stuff with the side tread. I do find that the sweet spot in pressure for gravel/dirt will be a bit sluggish when you hit the pavement, but when pumped up a bit firmer they'll roll nicely on paved surfaces. The side knob are good for gravel climbing too letting you get out of the saddle bit more for climbs. My only real complaint is that the thick line of tread in the center seems to counteract some the suppleness of the nice casing.

Jon BALER said...

Interested to hear your thoughts on these tires relative to the WTB Vulpine tires.