Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Shimano Sport Cam CM-2000

The Shimano Sport Cam CM-2000
The march into the 21st Century for me continues. I have a sport action camera now. But first, before I delve in to all of the gizmo-tastic details, I must tell the story of how this happened, because....trust me...I wasn't planning on getting anything like this. I still haven't totally figured out my Olympus TG-3 or my Lezyne Super GPS yet, and adding another gizmo to the mix only sets me deeper into the knowledge gathering rabbit hole.

Anyway, as a mechanic, I am entitled to access the Shimano "S-Tec" site which gives me all the details and technical know-how to work on Shimano's stuff. Okay, so they came out with the new Ultegra 8000 series of components recently and I decided to check that out and see the video presentation Shimano had on S-Tec. There is a quiz you can take afterward which I did and passed. That automatically entered me in to a drawing for the Tour de France promotion which Shimano was doing. They are giving away two prizes daily to mechanics who took the Ultegra 8000 module. Well, on the first day, I won a Sport Cam CM-2000.


Anyway, it showed up last week and I have just gotten around to unboxing it and getting it charged up. The general specs show this camera has some impressive features, if you geek out on such things. First of all, it can record on the command of certain Bluetooth generated parameters like your heart rate, speed, or power out put. This means that, let's say, you have a very steep descent on a mountain bike trail. This might be a section you want recorded, so you can set the camera to start recording at a threshold of a certain speed and above, then shut off after that speed threshold has been gone under again. Or, maybe this raises your heart rate, so you could do the recording by that. Power output could be used to set off the camera recording on a climb, for instance. The theory being that you only get footage of parts that are worth watching.

The display and function buttons are pretty simple.
The cam is certainly outdoors friendly being waterproof and dust proof. There is a lens cover included which has a treated glass which can help shed water which may get splashed up on it for better video results.

The water and dust proofed access door to the battery, SD card slot, and USB connection. Here also is the mount provided.
There are the usual accessory mounting options which are available separately. I may pick up a handlebar and chest mounted one. For now, it'll go on my helmet. I actually already have a mount which this should work on for my Bell Super helmet. So, that is probably where I'll start out with this.

So, here we go down another gizmo rabbit hole..........

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