Thursday, January 24, 2019

Happenings Of Late

A new set of Easton wheels to review
With the sudden arrival of Winter proper last weekend, I have been holed up, for the most part, catching up on things, shoveling snow, or doing maintenance. Family time has also been high up on the menu lately as well.

So, last weekend I had to bust out the shovels and do my duty. We have a sidewalk, parking on the street out front, and I help keep the widow woman's walk and driveway clear with the help of my son as well. It's hard work, shoveling, but it burns up a lot of energy and works muscles I do not get to work when cycling. I guess I actually like doing it too. I know.......weird, huh? But I feel good about myself and the job I can do after shoveling.

I was spending time with my two kids on Monday, since they did not have school on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I figured I would ride to work Tuesday, which I did, but then Wednesday was another big snowfall day here and I spent the better part of the morning shoveling with my son. Plus, Tuesday and Wednesday the kids got the day off from school, so they were around more and we got to hang out together more than I thought I would.

Then the furnace guy had to come to inspect the boiler, (passed with flying colors), and then the whole family had dental appointments, (passed with flying colors). Then errands, and after all of that, we went out to eat for my birthday. After this, I got presented with a special birthday cake my daughter bought for me.

I did get to squeeze in some time working on bicycles as well. I revived the "other Inbred", which is a single speed. I also started setting up those Easton wheels, but I don't know how soon I'll be getting to ride them in the upcoming frigid temperatures.

Riding home from work Tuesday in mashed potato snow.
So, now we have snow. Yeah, and I am not really stoked on it because it is the typical granular, sugar-snow which when the temperatures reach 25°F or so, turns into mashed potatoes. I can ride through it, but it takes a lot of effort, and it isn't a whole lot of fun. The did try grooming some trails here, so we'll have to see how that turns out.

In the meantime, I am scheduled to be in Des Moines for the Iowa Bicycle Summit Friday. It is supposed to snow again that day. I sure hope I can get back! (Or even get there!) Plus, it is supposedly going to get bitterly cold starting then through to the end of the following week. That may help this snow set up, or it will turn into beach sand and be darn near impossible to ride through. We'll see.

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