Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Happy New Year! C.O.G. 100 Update


Okay, now with that out of the way, make sure your head is clear because the following information regarding the upcoming C.O.G. 100 Single Speed Gravel State Championship is very important.

Tomorrow is registration day! Registration happens at 8:00am CST and will be facilitated by BikeReg.com at THIS LINK!

Now- Before y'all get excited that Guitar Ted is putting on a gravel event again- HEAR THIS! We set this up around my idea of doing a SINGLE SPEED ONLY EVENT. So, I mean single speed only! Don't sign up, take up one of the 75 spots, only to be DQ'ed at the start line because you thought zip tying your levers to only operate in one gear was good enough. IT WON"T WORK. Don't even think about it. 

I am limiting this event to folks who have clearly dedicated themselves to a single speed device. Therefore; you may only have ONE chain ring and ONE cog on the bike you bring. If your rig has a flip-flop hub, (if you don't know what that is, you probably are not a single speeder anyway), I will allow the bike as long as BOTH COGS ARE THE SAME TOOTH COUNT. Or, obviously, you could leave the other side of the hub bare, with no cog. That'd probably be best. Okay? 

A couple of notes on registration. We've publicized that the event fee is going to be $35.00. You might have noticed that the BikeReg.com site says $30.00. Well, there are fees charged by BikeReg, and whatnot that will bring your total at check-out to $35.00, We thought it would make sense to publicize your TOTAL cost, instead of the minimum fee. 

Next thing is that I feel this event will fill up quickly. I know someone out there is going to have their feelings hurt when they don't get in. Look- We've been on social media pimping the registration time in the days ahead of this. We have said to you- "It's going to fill up!", so if you missed out, we did our level best to warn you ahead of time. Please do not ask me, or N.Y. Roll to let you in. It is what it is......

Finally- N.Y. Roll and I have decided on a path of transparency regarding money. You will get a full accounting of where the money that you spent went to in the coming days which will be on the C.O.G.100 site. Stay tuned for this.  


teamdarb said...

Again- If you are not riding a single speed, please do not take a slot. Thank you.

teamdarb said...

Thank you folks for leaving me a spot. I figured by time I got to a computer to not expect to participate.