Monday, May 11, 2015

A Decade Of Nonsense: Moving Forward

WooHoo...... Okay, now on with the freak show!
Today, May 11th, is the anniversary date of this blog starting up. I've done a small series of blog entries back in February and March detailing the past ten years. Now that the story has been told of the past, it is time to look forward to the future here.

Besides Trans Iowa, the Guitar Ted Death Ride Invitational, an odd Geezer Ride or two, and, I have no other outside obligations besides my work at the shop. No more testing and writing reviews for two other sites, and no extra responsibilities of editing a bunch of other folks reports, posting them, and taking care of a slew of others images. This has already manifested itself in plenty of free time I didn't used to have. In fact, I'm still adjusting to that fact now.

Hmmm........I suppose that all seems like a lot to ride herd on to may of you out there, but of all of these things I do, I do not see myself forsaking this blog anytime soon. That may be good or bad, depending upon your viewpoint. I only know that I like writing on a daily basis and apparently several folks like reading it. Maybe blogging will continue to decline in popularity, (that due mostly to Facebook, I think), or whatever comes next will make blogging the equivalent of doing needlepoint or crochet. Whatever..... I am still carrying on. Just like the tag line for the blog here says.....

"A bicycle and guitar oriented elixir that some find intoxicating. Others...well, let's just say they are sick of it!"

The future will undoubtedly be a surprise and will take twists and turns along the way coupled with a big dose of the "same ol' same ol'". Other than that, I can't really say what will happen for sure. It'll probably be what I said in my very first post.....

"Welcome to the Freakshow that is Guitar Ted Productions! It is here that I will be at liberty to espouse my verbiage in an unbridled, yet entertaining fashion."

So then.......on with the Freakshow!

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