Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Guitar Ted "Lube Off" Round Two- Part 3

The field for Round One has been set!
Okay, this "lube-off" is set to begin. I want to take this space to first say "thank you" to all the readers that chimed in on the comments section with all of your great suggestions. I received some excellent pointers on some new lubes I hadn't heard about, and also some great "alt" lube ideas. I think I will get around to checking some of those out in the future, but for now, I wanted to stick to some brands with definite differences, brand recognition, and lubes that were available nationwide at most quality bicycle shops.

The third contender I added is ProLink Chain Lube. I have used this product in the past and thought it worked reasonably well. The product is petroleum based and therefore makes for a good third contender since the other two are wax based in nature.

Now all there is to it is to ride.......a lot!  Along the way I will give my impressions and pass along any notable things that I observe while using each of these. Stay tuned for further updates. By the way, for future reference I am tagging all of these related posts with "Lube-Off", so if you enter that term in the Blogger search box on the header here it will filter out all those related posts to help you keep up on the goings on with this test.

Thanks again!


Bob said...

GT, a part of your test might include digging around in the dust bin at the shop for the most hosed chain you can find. Rusty as heck and frozen even. Apply the lube as you would normally from your 3 samples and see which one does the most to revive it and note how much it takes. I did it a number of years ago just for grins. Guess which one won. And btw I haven't bathed a chain in a looooonnnnngggg time. Nor noticed any abnormal wear because of my laziness. YMMV of course.

Mark said...

I gotta tell you that I am no expert but the bike shop here in San Diego, which is owned by a former NASA engineer, swears that the only thing they will use is baby oil to lube the bikes they sale and maintain. Sounds crazy I guess but they swear by it and have convinced a bunch of their customers to use it. I am still on the fence about and normally use Rock and Roll which has worked well for the last 6000 miles. Just a thought.