Sunday, July 12, 2015

A Chance To Visit

Me (L), with Warren Wiebe
One of the things I love about Trans Iowa, or any gravel road riding event I've ever been to, is meeting and getting to know people. It just seems to me, at any rate, that these sorts of events attract folks that I feel are fun to be around. Anyway, in terms of Trans Iowa, that couldn't be more true, but the thing is, I never really get to "dig in" and sit with each and everyone of those men and women that come to the event. I only get a small taste of who these folks are, for the most part.

That was why this past Trans Iowa, V11, was super special, since I was able to spend some time with a group of the riders at Lonski's in downtown Grinnell after the washout of the event. I felt it was one of the top Trans Iowa experiences for me, from my point of view. That's why when Warren contacted me, and said he'd be coming through town Saturday, I jumped at the chance to have breakfast with him.

Warren is from Kansas, and has been to several Trans Iowa events, but as it is with many of those folks, I only seem to have ever gotten a very brief few words with him over the years. I must say that the two and a half hours I got to sit down with him was the highlight of my weekend, and I am very thankful to have gotten the chance to know this person better.

So, thanks Warren for making time to swing by. It was much appreciated.

And to those of you out there that I have met briefly over the years at all of these crazy gravel road events, I am thankful to have been around you and to have briefly met some of you. A few of you I have come to know as friends, and for that, I cannot ever say thank you enough. These visits are precious and I hope I never forget that.

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Steve Fuller said...

Warren is an absolutely great man. Always positive and tough as nails.