Saturday, August 08, 2015

Geezer Ride: Update

Shade might be a welcomed thing next weekend.
Geezer Ride: Update

Next week on Saturday the 15th the next Geezer Ride will take place here in Waterloo, Iowa. For fine details you can go to the dedicated page for the event HERE.

There you can learn times, style of ride you can expect, and more. I'm going to make some comments on weather and finally, a small request at the end of today's post.

Checking the extended forecast, it seems as though we will be looking at a typical "dog day" for August with mid-80's temps and high humidity. So, dress accordingly, use sunscreen, and drink plenty of water Friday before you get here. On the water: We can stop in Denver, Iowa, if we have to, but please plan on having enough water to get you 25 miles or so along the course. We will stop in Janesville, Iowa at a very well stocked Kwik Star convenience store for a spell so you can rest up, drink up, and eat if need be. Remember to bring cash or a credit card!!

Weather-wise, it could shower that day, so if you are afraid of getting wet, pack rain gear. I would think it might be good to get cooled down a bit, but to each their own. We will ride unless there is lightning in the area, and if that occurs we will seek shelter as best we can. Remember- You Are Responsible For You!  There is no sag, or support on this ride, and every rider is considered to be on their  own excursion.

Finally- If you are sure you are going to make it up, please hit the comments or e-mail me @  I will answer any questions as well, if you have them. If you would indicate you are coming, I can better plan out the ride as far as the group. My thinking is that if we get more than two dozen riders, I will split the group up into two "posses" so we can better keep track of everyone, and I will assign a ride leader for the second group, and provide a cue sheet to them so that they can lead a second group. If we get 24 or less, we'll stick together as one, but I'd like a heads up on this if I could get one just so I know what to expect. Thanks in advance, and I look forward to riding with ya'all next weekend!


Tom Scott said...

I plan on riding with you all on Saturday. I was leaning towards riding a fat bike, but don't want to slow down the group too much with the no-drop format. Thanks for putting this on and I look forward to it.
Tom Scott

Guitar Ted said...

So far I know of Tom here, Tony, David, Ron, and Keith who have said they will be showing up.