Saturday, August 29, 2015

Up Next

Fall is single speed mtb time
With Gravel Worlds over, my ambitious schedule of events has been completed. Quite honestly, I am surprised that I made it to all the events and rode in them. Completion rate stunk, but hey! At my age, there aren't too many guys out there even trying this stuff.

So, anyway, now Fall is on the doormat and coming through. It is my favorite time to goof off on my single speed mountain bikes and to go for lazy rides in the country on my gravel bikes. That will happen, but I also have to start getting things ready for Winter's coming. That means more than sprucing up the fat bikes around here! I have a few house related tasks that need attention before the frost settles in.

Around the blog here I want to get going again with the Lube-Off. I have some things to add to that very shortly, but I also have Fall to go before we get into wetter, colder applications for lube where we may see some different brands rise to the top. Then I also have some things I'll be adding to the Garage Sale page that I will be offering for sale. (Link at the top under the header) By the way, there is a nice deal on some brand spanking new CX tubular wheels on that page. Couple of SS frames as well.

Anyway, things will go from training/racing mode here to a more laid back mode. I will be doing more Trans Iowa related things coming up soon also, so if that tickles your fancy, stay tuned for that.


Tim said...

I don't believe a person is ever too old to test limits, develop endurance, and enjoy life, especially riding on gravel roads. I'm older than you by many years and relish the smell of fresh cut hay, my own body odor after 5 hours of sweating, and experiencing a numb butt. Keep riding and moving forward until you can no longer peddle, my friend.

Exhausted_Auk said...

Any more 3GR rides this season? :-)

Guitar Ted said...

There will be. I will likely post that info on Facebook on the Cedar Valley Velo ride page when they will happen.

Guitar Ted said...

@Tim- Thanks!

Tyler Loewens said...

My last scheduled race us done as well...time for some long and lazy fat bike rides!