Monday, August 03, 2015

Weekend Update

Dirt home from work was modified by high water
It was a busy weekend here, and not all of it was about bikes. Not by a long shot. However; there was something "big" announced and I did get a ride in on Friday after work.

I'm not the guy who coined the phrase, but I like it, and I've adopted it- "Dirt home from work". I use it to motivate me to take the longer way home sometimes. I used to do this more often a long time ago, but once the kids got into elementary school, I quit. I had to be back at the house by a predetermined time to get them and let them in the house. Now that they are older, I have to remind myself that I can do this stuff again. So, "dirt home from work" is just something I have latched onto as a motivator/reminder to get out and ride the dirt single track we have here in town.

Well, my ride took me to Lower Hartman first and that was kind of a bust, since the water is up. I ended up turning around and coming back down Shirey Way and over to the newer trails on the East side of Hartman Reserve. I know these trails have names, but I am not in the "club", so to speak, so I just ride 'em. Whatever it is the small cadre' of people call these trails is not well known beyond their clique, so I just use the common man's place names for these things. At any rate, those trails were fine and I had an enjoyable ride on the Blackbuck.

Cars on the grid for the Xfinity race at Iowa Speedway.
Saturday was the big day for myself and my son to attend the last Iowa Speedway event for 2015. It was kind of a big deal, in terms of the event, but I won't get in to all the details here. The point was that it was an all day affair getting ready for this and attending it. The race was great, if you are into motorsports. Iowa Speedway puts on great racing, and we had fun. We didn't get home until about midnight though!

Then Sunday I had to be up at 5:30am to get ready to lay down some Fender bass at church. That isn't something I get to do very often, (play the bass guitar), but it is always fun to do that. When that was over, I was bushed, of course, since I didn't get much rest. So, instead of beating myself up more in high humidity and hot temperatures, I took it easy the rest of the day.

Friday's ride showed me that I still am not quite "there" yet when it comes to being fully recovered from the GTDRI. Especially my lower back, which I suppose took a beating due to all the seated climbing on the GTDRI that day. The Blackbuck single speed felt great Friday, and I may have overdone things a tad bit!

Now I have to fine tune the next Trans Iowa event, which I announced on Saturday. By the way, thank you to all who have already thrown their hats into the ring for volunteering for this beast. You are all greatly appreciated.

Now hopefully this week I'll get some gravel in.

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