Saturday, August 20, 2016

Minus Ten Review- 33

This header died ten years ago this week.
Ten years ago on the blog here I woke up one day and stumbled down the hardwood steps like I have a million times since I've lived here and sat down in front of the PC. When I fired it up, I was stunned.

There was a new look to the Guitar Ted Productions blog!

If you remember that header, you've been reading this blog a long, long time, and you re one of very few people who have been reading that long! Stat counters were a thing for bloggers back in the day, and some even displayed how many folks had visited each day on a little window counter in the right margin so you could see how popular a blog was, or was not, in many cases. Stats are still a thing, but most are hidden "behind the curtains" now on the blogger's "dashboard". I remember checking stats back in those days and getting real excited if I topped out at 300 views a day. 500 was a rare day here back then. Big time, mark with a gold star stuff.

The new header ten years ago this week.

So, if you remember this old header, I thank you for being one of those few folks that stopped by here back then. Oh! I suppose I should finish the story of just why it was I was surprised by the change in look here back then. That's all Jeff's fault. Just like I blame him for hooking me up on a blog in the first place.

You see, back in the day, if you went behind the curtain on your blog and tinkered with the look of things, you had to know HTML code. I had zero idea what that even was back then, and I am only mildly familiar with it these days. However; Jeff Kerkove had gone to college for graphic design, and they taught him all that crazy stuff. So, being that he was the instigator of all things digital in my life, he had the "keys" to the kingdom when it came to the inner workings of my template. So, he mentioned something one day when he stopped by at work about maybe there should be a new look soon for this site. I thought it was an okay idea, but I never knew he'd just do it and pull the trigger. 

That header lasted until a year ago now when I finally decided to switch things up again.  Thanks again, Jeff!!

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