Saturday, August 04, 2018

Minus Ten Review- 31

Blackbuck single speed. Still one of my favorite bicycles.
Ten years ago on the blog I was spending a lot of time testing eight different forks on my Blackbuck single speed rig.  I was doing a series to show how different fork axle to crowns and offsets all could be used on the same bicycle and how that affected handling.

It was quite an eye opener for me. In essence, I found none of the varied combinations unrideable. Unlikable? That's a different story. Of course, there were a few choices I wouldn't make, but I tried them all.

I ended up liking the combination shown here today the best, and I have that fork on that bike right now. It just looks "right" as well, with the black and polished silver bits.

I also noted that I was riding the South Side more. It wasn't easy back then to figure out where you were. Of course there was far less trail then. No "Bottoms", (I still think this section needs to be named after Paul, who created it), and there were no trails near the lodge or what used to be the COPE area. There was simply an "inner loop" and an "outer loop". The two were separated by a service road, only a portion of which still exists out there. That road basically almost circumnavigated the South Side and trails used to cross that road in a few spots. Keen eyes can still pick out where that was today.

Things were a LOT different looking out there ten years ago!
Another thing to point out is how different things were ten years ago in now familiar spots to those riding Ingawanis Woodlands. This image to the left shows that rocky outcropping as you come out of the "Bottoms" or right there where that short bypass to go around the Bottoms turns back toward the East.

Don't recognize it? Can't blame ya. There is no mossy covered limestone or vegetation coming through in that spot anymore. The "line" to get through those rocks is well defined now, but it was non-existent back in the day. I cannot tell you how many times I biffed it there in the past. Many, I know that much.

When I finally mastered that area I was proud. It was a tough little techy feature that I am glad still exists. (At least I think it does!) Anyway, it was one of the few things one could ride around here that gave you any chances of "getting skills".  Then there was "Captain Bob's Berm" which no longer exists. That was fun when it was in its prime. Too bad someone decided to level that corner out several years ago. Fun haters.........

Anyway, now we have twice the trail on the South Side, (Ingawanis Woodlands now) and it is great to be able to have that resource. It wasn't bad back ten years ago, but it wasn't as long either, or anywhere as easy to follow. Although, to this day Ingawanis ranks as one of the worst marked trails I've ever been to in the Mid-West. (Check out the Twin Cities or Sugar Bottom for some of the best) That goes for our city trails here as well. Too bad that cannot get figured out, but so it goes.....


Iowagriz said...

Time flies fast...I remember your fork experiment testing and write-ups. It was very enlightening and something that I keep in mind to this day. Thanks for all of your contributions to my knowledge base.

Glenn said...

I miss Sugar Bottom. Rode there an awful lot 1995-1999.

The best marked trails I have ever seen are in Copper Harbor, MI. Every intersection is marked.