Monday, June 03, 2019

Messy Schedules

Due to the mayhem surrounding last week's events, this was all the cycling I got in.
Readers of the blog here know I value relationships with people to a high degree. That is most important when it comes to my family. Not much gets in the way of my cycling, but family trumps that every time.

So, last week, as you know, I had to forgo the DK200 trip since it was more than a stretch for me to get it in. In fact, it would have seriously encroached upon my enjoyment of another event, one far more important than any bicycle race. My only daughter graduated from high school.

So, besides the big commencement last week, I also ferried my daughter and Mrs. Guitar Ted to the airport, as I have written about, and then Wednesday was a wash since my schedule was waaaaay outta whack! Thursday I commuted to work and back on the Ti Muk 2. Friday- same. Friday night I figured on retiring early for a good night's rest and a Sunrise ramble on my gravel bike of choice. But.....I found out my son had a midnight football practice Friday night. 

Yes. Midnight.

See, according to Iowa High School Athletics' rules, no coach can hold an organized practice for the upcoming season of football until June 1st. That was Saturday. The date changed at midnight, so the coach of my son's team wanted West High to be of the first to hold organized practices for the 2019 season. Midnight to 2:00am!! 

So, I fetched my son at dark-thirty, took him home, and by the time I get to sleep the Dirty Kanza 200 riders were waking up to get ready for their day's ride. Uggh! I slept until 11:00am, then I had to leave at 2:30pm to get my wife and daughter at the Des Moines International Airport. Soooooo........

No gravel riding for me. 

Sunday was my daughter's graduation party. So......yeah. Not going to miss that either.

It's a new week. Glad that I spent the time doing the important things. That stuff you only get one chance at. Bicycle rides? They are a dime a dozen.


Daniel said...

Football practice at midnight!! Screw that. Someone needs to tell the coach to calm down a bit.

Rydn9ers said...

There was recently an interesting piece on HBO's Real Sports called "The Norwegian Way" concerning how Norway approaches kids sports and how the country is starting to dominate Olympic sports because of this practice. But this is 'Merica and the first to practice is guaranteed to win every game of the season. Only losers practice during normal hours, winners love the taste of worms... with sprinkles.