Saturday, June 01, 2019

Minus Ten Review 2009-22

The Gen 1 Fargo as it was when I rode it at the DK200 in 2009
Ten Years ago this week on this here ol' blog I was yakkin' about the Dirty Kanza and, well........ There wasn't much content. 

Kind of like this past week, I had no way to post a story easily, or back then, at all. Here's a dirty little secret about blogging- They are called "Scheduled Posts". That's right! You can write up a ton of content and schedule it to post up whenever you want to in the future.

Wish I had figured that out ten years ago, but as I keep drilling into you here, I was a techno-rookie. I had pretty much no real expertise on the web other than henpecking at a keyboard and loading up images. Of course, by this time ten years ago I was getting a trial by fire, and I learned a ton in 2009-2010.

But anyway..... Back to the Dirty Kanza!

So, this soiree was still a small deal back in '09. I looked back and see I figured there were less than 100 people that showed up to ride that year. I also see that it was one of those "blow-torch" days on the bike down there when the temperatures reached into the upper 90's and the wind blew at a strong gale. Typical for the earlier DK's, actually. I made it to CP#1 and called it a day.

I had a bad head cold, as I recall, and I knew I was in for a weird ride. I was dizzy, then I'd be fine, then dizzy, and in the end, I got too dehydrated anyway. This was the year my family made the trip down with me and we ended up going to Council Grove and hanging out for the better part of the day. It was a memorable day with the family. 

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Tyler Loewens said...

Wow. Early EDGE 29er wheels! Cool.