Saturday, July 24, 2021

Barns For Jason: The Pastry Ride Version

 I went for a 60+ mile bike ride with N.Y. Roll today and it went through a lot of territory I'd never been through before. You know what that means! Barns For Jason, that's what! 

So, instead of posting all these in the ride report, (coming Monday), I am just going to post them as a stand-alone post today. This will be done in a 'photo-dump' mode, so no captions- no words to go with it. If you have questions about a specific barn you see, just hit me up in the comments. With that, here we go.....

And that's a wrap! A few of my images did not come out, so maybe someday I'll get back that way to record those again. Maybe not! But with about half the 60 miles on new-to-me roads, there were bound to be a few new barns!

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