Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Water Carriers: Update #5

What it looks like post last weekend's 60 miler.
 So the big test of my water carrying system was last weekend when I rode with N.Y. Roll. My biggest concern was how the three bottles I would need to be able to access while riding would work out. 

The upper one on the down tube had been moved upward a bit, perhaps making that one harder to grab and reinstall. The Chaff Bag bottle may be tough to use as it was up against the make-shift cue sheet holder. The only way you really can find out if these sorts of things will work is to actually go on a ride and see. So, of course, that's what happened over the weekend. 

I have to say that most of my fears were unfounded. Yeah....that top bottle took a bit of a different move to get in and out, but it wasn't what I would call 'difficult'. I moved the strap on the Chaff Bag a bit which canted out the bag's top a bit to make the bottle clear the cue sheet holder. So, that worked. All in all, everything did what it was supposed to do. 

The big Jett Green bottle stayed put. The Wolf Tooth strap and B-Rad held it like a champ, and it was super easy and quick to get the bottle out and replace it again when stopped for refilling. The bottom bottle, the Jet+, was rock solid and I never noticed it while riding. I believe I have everything I need locked in with a few changes elsewhere to the set up.

One will be that I may end up using this Topeak Burrito Pack for my flat repair kit and that would go under the saddle. I have nothing there now and adding that pack would open up a bit more space in the Top Tube Garage Bag for nutritional stuff and whatnot. I'm still debating on whether or not to run two lights. I don't think I will, mainly because Gravel Worlds is only dark for about 30 minutes after the start and then whenever you roll in after - oh, say 8:00pm or so, depending on cloud cover. I might have maybe four hours max in darkness. If it is longer than that, well..... I probably am a DNF. 

Finally, the wheels and tires here are training wheels and tires. I have a lighter set up that I will race/ride on when the time comes. Stay tuned for that coming soon.....


DT said...

When you say two lights, do you mean a front and rear light, or two front lights? I know they recommend a front and a rear, but my experience there says that you'd only really need it if you are riding to/from your hotel before/after the race. If you are driving to and from Fallbrook, I would skip the lights.

Guitar Ted said...

@DT - Two fronts. I am thinking of what it would be like post-Sunset if that is what it takes for me to finish, but I think I'd be fine with one.

My understanding of the rules for Gravel Worlds is that a front AND a rear light are required- not 'recommended'. They state that in several social media posts I've seen as well.

DT said...

GT - I totally agree, I think one front would be sufficient for your peace of mind. I rode with one front and one rear, and I remember reading the rule requirements as well. But there were so many people without them, I had assumed that they weren't enforcing it.