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Image courtesy of Industry 9
 I'm gone, but the FN&V rolls on!

Industry 9 Announces SOLiX Wheel and Hub Range:

Yesterday it was announced that a new range of wheels and hubs are now available from Industry 9. Dubbed "SOLiX", these wheels cover the needs of gravel, cyclo cross, and road riders. 

The range comes in two flavors - SOLiX SL and SOLiX G. The SOLiX SL wheels feature the new SOLiX hub with straight-pull Sapim CX-Ray spokes. The range of SOLiX SL wheels includes carbon and alloy rims with weights starting as low as  a claimed 1270 grams per set (carbon rims) to as much as nearly 1500 grams per set (alloy rims) and everything in between. Prices range from  just shy of 1300 bucks to around 2200 bucks. 

The SOLiX G wheels are the traditional aluminum Industry 9 spoked wheels you may associate with I9. Available in several anodized colors, these spokes make any bike 'pop' with their intensely colored aluminum spokes.  These wheel sets range in price from around 1500 bucks to a little over 2500. Weights go from a claimed 1320 grams per set on up. There is also a 650B option in this series as well. 

SOLiX hubs can also be purchased separately as the SOLiX Classic, which comes only in black and for "J" bend spokes. The new SOLiX hubs in all ranges are made with a new design that incorporates different pawl spring design, a new sealing design, and a new ratchet ring design which I9 claims makes the new SOLiX hubs quieter and better free-coasting than previous I9 hubs.

Rim, hub, and wheel spec can be seen at the Industry 9 website.  

Image courtesy of Salsa Cycles

Salsa Cycles Tributary e-Bikepacking Bikes:

Salsa announced the availability of its new Tributary models last week. Powered by Bosch mid-motor designs, the Tributary is an aluminum framed bike with 29" X 2.4" tires and is intended for gravel and bikepacking pursuits. 

Two models are offered in the range. A GRX 600 equipped rigid fork bike which goes for $5,499.00 or a Apex 1 equipped bike with a Rock Shox 35 Gold fork with 120mm of travel. This one goes for $5,999.00.

Tributary models can be accessorized with a range-extender battery pack at an extra charge. Maximum tire clearance is 29" X 2.6". The frames are internal dropper post routing compatible and SRAM UDH compatible. 

Comments: The Salsa site lists a "Canada" version and a separate US version, but I did not see an obvious reason why. I would have guessed the prices would have been different but the spec sheet looks the same between both. Anyway.... 

Definite Cutthroat vibes here. You are left to wonder "what if?" As in, "What if an aluminum Cutthroat 100% human powered bike been offered?" Gotta think that could maybe have been your entry level adventure bike, kind of like the Journeyer.  Squint hard and imagine the Tributary as a 100% human powered bike and you might see what could have been. But now you have a 5K+ rig that needs a 5 hour rest to recharge when the battery gets depleted. 

Image courtesy of Gravel Worlds

Gravel Worlds Registration Opens:

The Garmin Gravel Worlds registration announcement went out last Thursday and can be accessed HERE. The event is run out of Lincoln Nebraska and will occur on August 23rd - 24th. 

Many categories are available for contestants to choose from, and there are the Land Ho! running events also. The main fare consists of the traditional 150 miles of Nebraska rolling hills and gravel and will cost $165.00 to enter for 2024. The longer "Long Voyage" event of 300 miles will cost $180.00. 

There are shorter distances as well including the 75 miler and a 50K. Extra chippy folks can enter to do the 25K run on Friday and the 150 mile ride Saturday. 

Image courtesy of The Heywood's social media.

The Heywood Ride Registration Is Open

If Garmin Gravel Worlds is a little too spendy and "processed gravel" for you, check out The Heywood. It's coming up soon, (May 18th) and offers the rider a gravel course in several lengths and a much more grassroots, laid-back attitude. Registration is $25.00 and you can reserve a spot HERE

The Heywood is the spiritual descendant of the former Almanzo 100 event. (Chris Skogen pretty much handed over the reins to the Heywood's organizers back in 2019.) 

That should tell you that this event based out of Northfield Minnesota is not going to have the hoopla and high-competitive atmosphere of a Gravel Worlds. Not that you cannot race the Heywood, you can, but you don't have to, and honestly, you'd miss the point of the event if you did that. Anyone who rode the Almanzo could probably vouch for that. 

I will be hanging with the organizers even as you read this at Mid-South. Look for some reports headed to this channel coming up on Tuesday next week.

Leaked on Chinese social media.
Will SRAM Gravel Groups All Be "Transmission" Going Forward?:

Leaked on Chinese social media this past week and seen around many YouTube channels, this image of what looks to be a SRAM Red XPLR group was being talked about a lot. 

It is pretty obvious that it is a Transmission/UDH only compatible rear derailleur. This might be a sign that many new gravel bikes going forward will support this new standard. 

It also is speculated that the new Red level group will be lighter than Dura Ace and cost just shy of 5G USD. Others speculated that the brakes will be mineral oil, which would be in line with SRAM's latest enduro/DH brake introduction recently. 

Whatever it is, apparently all signs are pointing to a mid-May release date, so we won't have to wait long.

New Podcast Is Up!

The Mid South trip gets talked up a bit but N.Y. Roll and I ramble on about several other topics as well. 

We get on about why people ride gravel (Experience vs winning/podiums) We talk a bit about those WTB TPU tubes. We discuss an event that has a burrito bag as schwag and ask if a burrito should come with that. 

Yes, it gets weird in places, but ya know..... This IS N.Y. Roll and myself we're talking about here. If you want to - or dare to - listen, here is THE LINK.

That's a wrap on this FN&V! Have an awesome weekend and thanks for reading Guitar Ted Productions!

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Late to the party here. The Canadian version has a different maximum assisted speed, 20 MPH in the Maple Leaf Zone vs 28 MPH where Eagle Feathers Fly, assuming due to regulations.