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Gravel Grinder News: WTB Nano Air TPU Tubes, Valves, Plug Kit

WTB announces new tubeless accessories and TPU tubes
WTB Nano Air TPU Tubes, TCS Rocket Tire Plug Kit, TCS Max-Flow Tubeless Valve Stems Announced.

Today WTB has released news of new tubeless accessories and a TPU tube for cyclists. The TPU tube is dubbed the Nano Air, and like other TPU tubes, it has a minimal pack size and they are very lightweight compared to standard butyl rubber tubes. 

Along with this TPU tube offering WTB also has a tubeless plug kit called the TCS Rocket Plug Kit and there is an accessory to this called the "Plug Pack" which extends the usefulness of the TCS Rocket Plug Kit by offering more plugs to use with the Plug Kit. 

Finally, the TCS Max-Flow tubeless stems have a design which is tire-insert compatible and has a higher air-flow rate to accommodate easier tubeless set-ups using a floor pump. 

 The Nano Air tubes come in three sizes in a tan color only. These sizes cover a range of tire sizes. They are: 29" X 1.9" -2.5" - 700c X 32mm-47mm - 700c X 18mm - 32mm. All have 48mm length valve stems with removable cores. Cost are $32.95 for the two 700c sizes and $34.95 for the 29"er size. Each tube comes with two glueless patches for repairs. 

As with most TPU tubes, the Nano Air packs down to about a third of the size of its butyl rubber counterparts while weighing in at about a third of a butyl tube's weight. Nano Air tubes are available now. 

 The TCS Max-Flow valves have a 44mm length and are made from aluminum. They have a tire insert compatible design which stands proud of any insert for maximum air flow while inflating a tire for initial set up. In fact, WTB claims this valve has an 84% increase in air flow and a larger bore diameter which reduces the clogging factor significantly. 

The valve also features an ergonomically designed nut to secure the valve stem to the rim. Finally, the valve cap features an integrated core remover. Prices for the TCS Max-Flow valves are $24.95/pair.

 The Rocket Plug Kit is a tool for in-the-field tire repair. This tool features an aluminum canister which conceals a plunger and several "bacon strips" to plug a tire with. The Rocket Plug Kit also features separate aluminum insert bits which are reusable and help to seal bigger punctures. 

The aforementioned "Plug Pack" has more plug strips and four "Rocket Anchors" (insert tips) in two sizes. 

The price for the Rocket Plug Kit is $44.95 and the Plug Pack refill kit is $17.95

Comments: WTB sells tires so this should not be a big surprise, but I was not expecting WTB to jump into the TPU tube market. That they have hit with three sizes right out of the gate is impressive and shows that WTB means business here. 

I'll reserve comments for my reviews of all three products. I was afforded the opportunity to try these items out ahead of the release today. I already have the three products in hand and I have already ridden the Nano Air tube for about a month or so now. Stay tuned for the review coming up shortly here. 

Note: All images by Guitar Ted Productions. Information used in this post was provided by WTB.

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