Monday, March 25, 2024

Catching Up

Look for a Lube-Off update soon.
Whew! Thank you for being patient as I worked through my Mid-South report. Now it is time to catch up on what has been happening since a week ago when I returned home. 

I was pretty torched after that trip. Tuesday was essentially a write-off. I was very out of sorts and very tired. Wednesday didn't start out a whole lot better either. 

The weather was very blustery and chilly on Tuesday and Wednesday, so along with my low levels of energy I just did little efforts and I tried not to overextend myself in my weakened state. Rest isn't coming as easily as I had hoped for, though, and short nights have been the norm so far.

One of the things I tackled immediately after coming home was to diagnose what was going on with the slipping seat post at Mid-South on the Honeman Flyer. The clamp was torqued as high as I dared and still no love. 

I decided to switch out the post, but before I did that, I put a caliper to the shaft and found out it was barely larger than 27mm in diameter. Okay! Now it all makes sense. The Wolf Tooth clamp probably is fine, it was the Tamer post being undersized. I put a caliper to a few other 27.2 mm seat posts and confirmed that it was an undersized seat post issue. 

So, I grabbed a PRO 27.2mm post with a slight set-back in black and put that on with the same saddle, the WTB Volt, and did a test ride. I am still fine tuning my position after Mid-South and when I get it dialed in I'll get another longer gravel ride in to confirm everything and then I hope to write up a final take on the project. 

The new seatpost is in.
I'll also have a take on the Flowerpower chain wax after Mid-South. I think you will find the results interesting. I know that I was a bit surprised. I'll contrast what I found with how SILCA Super-Secret lube works in extremely dusty situations also. 

The weather went to heck after I got back also. Really cold, blustery, and a touch of snow has greeted my return. This will keep me out of riding the country for a bit. It's probably a wise thing anyway, since I am run down and the chance of getting sick is pretty high. Plus, I have a new component in for review which I cannot talk about just yet. So, it isn't as though I don't have anything to do. 

Stay tuned, we're back on track now! 


MG said...

I’m looking forward to learning about what you’ve got in for testing…

Oh, and the Tamer seatpost issue isn’t totally surprising. The difference between a 27.0 and a 27.2 was about two layers of paint… they used identical shafts. It’s entirely possible that it got mislabeled on a late night ‘production run’. The paint he used on those posts put off some gnarly fumes, and I’m sure he inhaled plenty of it. That shit has an effect over time! I guess that’s one of the reasons I only lasted about 6 months there. Not sustainable… but I digress.

Guitar Ted said...

@MG - That's interesting that you mention the similarities between the 27.2mm posts and the 27.00 posts. I thought about maybe keeping that Tamer as a back-up to my Pofahl's post, which is a 1990's era Syncros 27.0mm post.

Fumes? Blecch! Yeah, I wouldn't want to deal with that either.