Monday, January 23, 2006

It's Just Another Day....Really!

So, today is my birthday! Thought I might as well get that out of the way right off the bat! It's pretty funny how all the cards you get at my age pronounce your immediate demise, your impotence, and your uselessness to society. Gee.........thanks, I guess? I know folks mean well, but really.........this has been going on for the last fifteen birthdays now, I get it! I do not want to come off as a party-pooper, or rain on anyones good will towards me. In fact, I'm just as guilty! I guess that instead of making growing old a bitter joke, we might do well to actually celebrate life for a change.

Take for instance a couple of stories I just read about concerning "old" fellows that still "rock the bike". I love reading about those kind of guys! We even have a fellow or two from my local area that are 50 plus years young and spank guys half there age on a regular basis. That's inspiring! Then there are folks like my Mom, who in her retirement, hits the gym three times a week and rides 20-40 milers a couple times a week during "the season". That's something to look up to. Those folks aren't buying into the "birthday card culture" that says, "You're old, senile, meaningless, and fun to put down".

So, maybe I'm a little cynical. Hey, these cards are all just in fun..........right? Well, I could do without that kind of fun, so I usually choose to ignore, as best I can, the cards and their message. Fortunately, this birthday doesn't end in a zero, or the fuss would be bigger! Heck, then I might even have to deal with the black baloons, too! I just try to remind myself that these folks are really trying to extend their well wishes, and maybe I just need to get over it already!

At any rate, I got to ride my bike today, and that's saying alot, as far as I'm concerned. I am blessed, and I know it. Besides my wife and kids, its the best present I could have, today. That's something I get everyday, so everyday is a good day, really.

So, when anyone asks, "How was your birthday?". I say, "Just another day...........Really!"

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