Saturday, January 07, 2006

The Inbred Build: Part I

I finally got around to starting the build on the Inbred yesterday. I've got some photos for you today showing the facing and chasing of the bottom bracket shell

The tool I'm using is a Park Bottom Bracket Facing and Chasing tool. You gotta treat these things nice! Sharp edges are your friend!

Here you can see where I have taken off some paint and metal, but still have a ways to go. Inside the shell you can see one of the chasing tools. They double as a guide for the facer.

Here you can see what the "face" of the bottom bracket shell should look like when you are done. Perfectly parallel sufaces insure that the two bottom bracket cups are in alignment. This isn't so critical as it used to be with servicable bottom brackets.

If you have chased and faced correctly, you should be able to thread your botom bracket in by hand, all the way in!

Make sure you use plenty o grease! Keeps things from siezing and creaking! Sometimes I'll use LocTite, or anti-sieze if I'm using aluminum or titanium parts.

Well, that's it for today! Next will be the facing and reaming of the headtube in preparation for the headset installation. Bummer on my seat post from the V-Link! Looks like preliminary measurements show it to be too short! Oh Well! Guess I'll have to start looking for a 27.2mm anodized seat post in some funky color! Anybody got a lead on a long one?

Have a great weekend, ya'all! Might be some ride report here tomorrow. Check back!

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