Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Where The Boys Go

This past weekend, I had the rare opportunity to work on a Saturday. I was opposite Buchanondale, as we manned the shop from 9am.-5pm. The funny thing about a bike shop in the winter.......it attracts the boys! We had the usual group of groupies, and a surprise too. Old Europa veteran dirtram, and his beard, graced us with his presence all afternoon. (Thanks buddy!)

It's funny how the bike shop attracts folks like that. I remember back to when I had my other shop gig. We had a crew of regulars there too. What is it that makes you want to hang out all day in a bike shop, anyway? I suppose it's got something to do with a love of cycling. Perhaps you just really enjoy the company of those who toil away at the local shop. Maybe it's just the smell.......I don't know! I suppose that's one thing we have over the on-line retailers. It's hard to hang out, or get the vibe from a website!

So, let's hear it from the bike shop groupies! What is it that you like about hanging out in a bike shop? I'd like to know. Thanks in advance and..........could you hand me that tri-allen wrench there?

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