Sunday, January 08, 2006

It's That Time Of The Year

It seems like whenever I get my hopes up for a big ride, it almost never happens to work out. Most of my good, long rides happen by mistake! Anyway, what can you do when your body says no and your mind says yes? Well, I listened to my body this time. It's hard not to when everything is pouring out your backside! Nuff said!

The good news is that now I'm rested up and feeling better. The whole family has different forms of sickness right now, so it's not a very happy household at the moment. Fortunately, no one else got it like I got it!

So, speaking of rides, I see that the Mr. 24 T.I.V2 sampler went off without a hitch. Endurosnob had a little gravel party the other day, too. Sounds like the boys from Nebraska will be doing a century pass next weekend. Lots of Trans Iowa people out training on the gravel, in January! Who'da thunk it? Seems like if the weather holds out for the rest of the winter, we may have some finely honed athletes at the start line come April.

Speaking of T.I.V2, we were glad to have gotten the stuff sack situation covered. Now to get the info and order 'em up! Check that one of the list! Jeff and I have been talking about some course fine tuning. Meeting with the Decorah folks is still up in the air. Hawarden housing and pre-race meeting details coming together, check! So, a couple of checks, and a couple things left to cover. It's coming along fine!

Well, that's about a wrap from the weekends doings here! Hope you all are happy and healthy!

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