Thursday, January 19, 2006

"Rock" Bikes At Trans Iowa?

Mr. 24 was working on his single speed training device the other day, and snapped these photos of the rig. As you can see, he is a dirty, dirty man!

I was contemplating the effects of early season gravel road riding when it occurred to me that
the participants of Trans Iowa V2 could have similar problems. Say it starts out wet, then it gets nice and windy. Voila'! "Rock" bikes, and "rock" people, for that matter!

It'd kind of be like Paris-Roubaix. You know....when the riders are pictured covered in mud, to the point that they look like alien mud creatures. Only at T.I.V2, they would be covered in limestone! I wonder if that's good for your complexion?

Then there is the effects of limestone encrusted drivetrain parts. Mr. 24's was quite squeaky the day he had it up on the rack. I suppose, since it's a singlespeed, that that is the worst thing that could occur. If you were running a geared set-up, well, that would be a completely different story. I could see where that might mess with shifting somewhat, couldn't you?

Well, it all might just be a pipe dream anyway. We haven't had significant precipatation in about four weeks now, and when the frost comes out of the ground, it'll get pretty dusty real quick. We are certainly in need of some rain! One things for certain. If it stays dry, the track for T.I.V2 will be ultra fast, dusty, and a bit easier to negotiate than intended. Oh, well! There is nothing I can do about that!

I guess if I had my wish, it'd rain every day for a week leading up to the event, and then be nice and sunny, just like last year. Wind? Well, that's at least one thing I can count on. It's just which direction it's coming from that'll make the difference!

Rock bikes at Trans Iowa? I hope so, that'd be epic!

People rockin' the bike at Trans Iowa? can count on that!

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