Thursday, January 05, 2006

Thursday Special: Tidbits Clean-up

Here are some things that have been collecting on the front desk of Guitar Ted Labratories that need to be disseminated. Some of it is news, some of it is downright goofy. None of it deserves its own post. Kind of like leftovers night at Mom's house!

1. NYC Bikes announces a 29"er complete bike for their line. NYC Bikes has a wide variety of budget minded bikes already available and now are adding a 29"er to that long list. Tentatively called the Crosspeed II, it will be a sliding dropout bike (Yes! Another one, we have enough already, do we not?) convertible from single speed to derailluer, for those of you afraid of commitments. The fork provided will be of steel and available separately, although, from the meager information that I have, it may be a little short axle-to-crown-wise. Projected price for the "basic" spec is sub $500.00 Due out in March. See for more.

2.Quiring Cycles 29"er Fork. Not only does this Michigan based builder do a very sharp looking suspension corrected fork for a 29"er, but he also does some mighty fine steel aluminum, and titanium frames as well. The fork is a very sharp looking, tapered leg, steel unit that can be had disc specific or with canti mounts. Plenty of clearance for fat tires and has a generous axle to crown measurement of 485mm. Weight is approximately 2lbs. 6oz. and can be had for about $200.00

3. How "Dirty" Are You? Thanks to Cyclelicious for posting this link a couple of days ago. It's the "Slut-O-Meter"!! That's right! Just type in any search term or name and the Slut-O-Meter will calculate it's "dirt factor" in percent. The higher the percent, the sluttier the subject! My blog must be downright puritanical, as it registered a .47% ! Sub half-a-percent! My Karate Monkey scored a 16.54%, which is a fine figure for a dirt machine! Go on! Have some fun now at

4. From the "Foggy Memory Bank". I know I read somewhere that another company was planning a 29" wheeled bike for release that was going to be another one of those Karate Monkey clone, do-it-all bikes, but since the market is swamped already with that sort of thing......well, I promptly dismissed the thing! Oh well! If it crops up again, I'll try to remember to be a little more diligent. By the way, what's so wrong with a budget, steel, dedicated to gears 29" frameset anyway? Hmm......................

Okay, desk cleared now! Carry on!

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