Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Karate Monkey vs. Inbred 29"er!

As promised, here is the first post on the comparisons between my Karate Monkey single speed and my On One Inbred 29"er single speed. Although both these bikes are set up as single speed bikes, they are very different from each other as far as the way they are spec'ed and in the geometry of each frame. I will not detail out every single difference in order to not bore you to tears. I will; however, take an opportunity to flesh out some of the highlights of specific parts on each bike. Parts that I feel I have performed admirably and deserve attention.

With that said, let's delve into the basics today. Here are our subjects submitted for your approval.

The Inbred 29"er: Steel hardtail frame with several interesting details. This one measures out to be an 18" frame, measured from the cnter of the bottom bracket to the top of the seat tube. The horizontal measurement of the top tube is 23.5". The frame tubing sticker says it's got "Multi Butted Steel Tubing" Hmm........okay! The frame is painted in a pleasant white with a slight hint of pearlescence.

The Karate Monkey: Steel hardtail frame with multi-purpose braze ons galore. It measures out to be a 22" frame if you use the same method for measuring as I did with the Inbred. (Surly calls this their 20" size, stopping their measurement at the top tube/ seat ube junction.) The top tube, measured like I did the Inbred's, is 24.5" long. The frame tubing sticker says "Double Butted 4130 Natch" mmmm.........riiiigggght! This frame is painted in the now out of production Camp Stove Green color.

Okay, you've been introduced to the two contenders. Next time I'll detail out the set up on the Karate Monkey. Then we'll look at the Inbred's set up. Finally, we'll get on to my impressions of both bikes. Thanks for stopping by today! Now, shut off this time sucking idiot box and go for a ride. (And if you are at work reading this......get back to work, slacker!) Ha !

P.S. The informal T.I. poll results are interpreted to say that you guys don't really care if we run T.I. every year or once every two years as long as we run it! Right?

Well, that's how I read it, anyway.

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