Monday, May 08, 2006

The People Have Spoken: T.I.V2 Fallout

Okay, here it is. The responses have been read and considered. The truth has been ferreted out. All this and a question from your humble race directors for you to consider.

On possible changes to the race format, rules, etc... It's been a pretty overwhelming vote for no changes. This was carefully looked at but in the end it was obvious to me that of the people who said that they would definitely come back, the vote was for no changes. If all Jeff and I did was listen to you: the racers, and implemented what you wanted, the majority of the responses would carry the day. Well, we do value your input, but we also have our own feelings on the matter. We just so happen to agree with the majority of the responses so far.

The T.I.V2 story: What really happened! It's always fun to get all the racer responses and get the pieces of the mosaic together so you can get a true read on the story of Trans Iowa. Last years event didn't get cleared up for me until just a couple of months ago! This time, I think it is pretty clear already. That is mostly due to the transparency of the racers responses this time. My main aim was that the true tail of the end of the event get straightened out, and it has been. I think everyone knows by now that Dallas Sigurdur and Lindsay Gauld were the furthest up the road at 7pm. when Lindsay called me from Mallard. After Lindsay found out from me that we were sending everyone home, he took that to mean that Paddy would be the only one in Algona waiting on them. He was wanting there to be a crowd of people to see their accomplishment. So, he decided to pull the plug, although I had said that Jeff and I would wait. Apparently, Lindsay didn't catch that, and in the end, Dallas and Lindsay made it to West Bend where Paddy picked them up. Of course, none of that mattered in the scheme of things concerning Trans Iowa, as that was over at 6pm. when no one showed up on time riding their bike to make the cut off. My guess is that Lindsay and Dallas were within about 50 miles of Algona at the cutoff.

A question for anyone considering Trans Iowa: Jeff and I are wondering if it might not be a bad idea to let the race lay dormant for a year. The thought being that perhaps the event has lost it's shine with an "annual approach" and that maybe we should be semi-annual so that people don't get burned out trying to make it every year. You know, coming to T.I. every year might be a bit much for folks and if it were run semi-annually then folks have a break to try other things and have excitement to try T.I. again when it's date comes around again. Kind of like Paris-Brest-Paris, which is once every four years if I'm not mistaken. What do ya'all think? No changes to the event itself! Just when the event is run is being looked at here.

Okay, that's it! Sound off! All of your input is considered and welcomed even if it's negative or if we don't agree with it. If'n ya don't speak up, then that's on you!

We still have not decided if we will run the event next year or not. T.I. is a huge undertaking for Jeff and I. Also, you just don't know where life is going to take us next. There is a certain "perfect storm" about this that could be upset by the slightest change. Stay tuned! Keep commenting if you want it back and we'll talk more about it in the fall. Thanks to all the racers and all the sponsors! You guys are awesome.

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