Sunday, May 14, 2006

Sunday Late Edition

Still making final plans for the Dirty Kanza 200 next Saturday. The transportation has been arranged, the nutrition plan done, and the bike is almost tweaked out. Now, if the weather holds , we'll be in for a great 200 mile event. The race roster has swelled to 40 guys, so far. The limit is still 50, but with less than a week until race day, I doubt that it fills out. That's too bad, because this is going to be a great, epic event. Well, you'll hear about it afterwards!

Speaking of hearing about it, I'll try to audio-blog while I'm gone so you all can keep up with the event. I did this during Trans Iowa this year, but I was directing the event, not participating in it! I may not be calling in as much as I did from the T.I. course, and who knows? Maybe they don't have that great of cell phone coverage down there. There might be some dead spots.

The Sugar Creek Thaw was a wet, muddy mess, but the 12 hour solo category was won by none other than Jeff Kerkove. Carl Buchanan came in third. Awesome job guys, and I am sure it's not the last time we will hear of you two getting up on podiums this summer! Read there race reports. Good stuff!

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