Sunday, May 28, 2006

Lazy, Hot Afternoon = Special Project Time!

With mid-summer like heat and humidity today, I find myself avoiding the afternoon for riding in favor of more "cool" activities. Well, the fact that my wife has gone with a friend to see the newest X-Men film and having both my children upstairs taking naps may have something to do with that too................anyway

What we have here is a little special project for a special person. It's not everyday that I get to lace up carbon fiber hoops! These are super rare hoops and are still in proto type stage, so I'm pretty lucky to even lay hands on 'em. Normally, these would have been built up at the factory with the companies own design of hubs. Well, that's normally. We are talking about some one special here, and they require a special front hub for their special one-legged fork. Pretty special, huh?

Well, that's what I'm doing this afternoon. Maybe later I'll go out for a night ride. Should cool off by then! Have a great day, ya'all!

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