Saturday, May 06, 2006

Salsa Introduces The Production El Mariachi

Oh crap! I hate it when companies introduce fine steel hardtail 29"ers. Especially when they are geared compatible, non-goofy drop out frames. So what does Salsa do? They come up with this, the El Mariachi. Thanks! Now I've got that to drool over!

Okay, here are the details. Bushnell EBB for single speeding. True Temper OX tubing for that classic steel feel. Disc only to keep it clean looking. (Sorry traditionalists!) Hose guides on the fork and seat stay to keep things all neat and tidy. Oh, and this color, which you will note is not a shade of green! ( Green being the unofficial 29"er standard color, but wait!) .........yes! It's also available in a shade of green! It's called Tomatilla Green, which is pastel green for all you reg-lur folks out there! I only show you the Superior Blue hue as an example to point out that you do not have to have a green production 29"er. (Thanks to Haro for some creative color choices on the Mary 29"ers, as well)

Price? $880 American doe-lars amigo! Available in late June/ July. Hmm............maybe I can start making some extra moo-lah by mowing some lawns, eh?

Thanks Salsa Crew! You just trashed my budget plans! Crap!

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