Sunday, May 07, 2006

Sunday Morning Edition

Local XC Race Today: The Camp Ingawanis XC race is being held today. The event, which is part of the State of Iowa's XC series, is promoted and produced by Carl Buchanan and a few other volunteers. Great job, Carl, on getting the Camp trails readied for this event! Look for reports on today's goings on at Jeff Kerkove's blog and Carl's blog later.

Karate Monkey vs. Inbred 29"er: I own both of these very popular, budget priced, steel hardtail 29"er frames. I have both set up as single speeds. I thought it might be fun to run a comparison on the two bikes here on my blog. Look for that coming up in a few days.

Some of the specific parts that I have fitted to each of these frames will get special mentions as they may be of interest to some of you out there. I will probably be giving some breakdowns on those parts as well.

Raliegh Introduces It's 29"er: On May 10th, Raliegh will be introducing it's '07 lineup to dealers at a show/ meeting in Chicago. During the intro, we should get our first glimpse of the rumored 29" single speed steel hardtail. Their might even be news of another 29" wheeled model, as well. The shop I work for just happens to be a Raliegh dealer, so who knows.....I may be getting a closer look at one of these!

Trans Iowa Fall-out: Seems that there was just a bit of confusion about the way Trans Iowa ended this year. Also, a certain faction of the riders had a suggestion for a change to the format of the event to deal with inclement weather. I will address both issues in one post coming up this week.

Also, some of the bikes of this years Trans Iowa V2 were pretty interesting. Look for a breakdown of that either here or on (If I can get all the pics re-sized for mtbr's format)

Speaking of T.I.V2, does anybody notice how the weather the week before the event and the weather the week after the event has been perfect? Hmm.................

Dirty Kanza Preparations: I'll be getting ready to go to participate in the Dirty Kanza 200 on May, 20th. Look for a couple posts related to that in the next couple weeks. The "Sea of Green, Grassy Hills" is what this area should be called! I've driven through the area a couple times, and the hills are impressive. It's the only other place on earth, besides the Serengeti Plains, where tall grass prarie is to be found. It's true, they have alot of grass and zero trees! That means wind, my friends and that along with some 10,000 feet of climbing should prove to be super tough!

Okay, that's it for today! Have a great ending to your weekend, and ride your bike! Don't like gas prices? Ride your bike some more! See you all later!

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