Tuesday, May 16, 2006

XXIX In The Future? and DK 200 Thoughts

Well, here it is! The Raleigh XXIX. Single, non-suspension corrected, steel goodness in a 29"er format. It's a pretty bold move from the standpoint of the fork geometry. I like it!

Might there be a XXIX in the future of Guitar Ted? Maybe. It's looking like that might be the case. Here's why: Going back to 1995, December, I took delivery of a Diamond Back V-Link Pro. Raleigh and Diamond Back are owned by the same outfit. Anyway, the V-Link was found to be broken earlier this spring when I was tearing it down to ship it to a new owner. Well, the bike had a lifetime warranty, which is unheard of for full suspension bikes today. Since DB nor Raleigh have anything resembling the old V-Link today, I was asked by the warranty guy at Raliegh what I wanted to do. The rest, as they say, is history! If it all pans out, the XXIX might be coming to roost at Guitar Ted Labratories later this summer! (Crossing fingers!)

Dirty Kanza thoughts: Okay, just a few weeks ago I was obsessing over the final details for Trans Iowa V2, and now it's Dirty Kanza. Only I'm on the other side of the fence this time. Riding on a bike instead of in a van! Thoughts of how the event might go, double checking the bike, double checking the gear, and staring off into space like a dazed lunatic are overtaking my time. I know that I have to just get on that bike, ride it, and have some fun. This madness of obsessing over the details is no good. Of course, I don't want to forget anything. I have all day Wednesday to checklist the bike and gear one last time. And of course, I'll forget something! Let's just hope that something is the obsessing over the situation! Ha!

Once again, I'm planning on doing the audioblog thing, so look for that while I'm gone. That should start appearing sometime Thursday night or Friday morning. I'll try to put up a test post for you all to see before that. I'ts just a "button" that you click on, which then takes you to another screen where the audio will play. Check it out! I'll try to make it fun to listen to. If it works out, I may even make a post from the event itself on Saturday. I will also have some pictures from the event, hopefully.

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