Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Bar Time: Again....

I have written on handle bars before and I have to say that I still think they are the least technologically advanced part of a bike from an ergonomic standpoint. That's pretty sad, really. However; I have another problem with handlebars, specifically risers.

I was looking at my riser bars on my XXIX the other day and thinking, "Wouldn't connecting all these points with straight lines be lighter?" I mean, keep the sweep, yes. I love bars with sweep. But you just do not need a bar with "rise". That's the stems job.

You see, we seem to be hoodwinked into thinking that we need bars with rise, especially for technical off roading. Why? Somebody explain how a stem with the proper rise,( to get the bars height where you want it to be) and a flat bar with the preferred sweep can't do the same job and be lighter. Risers are unnecessary and a waste of material, in my opinion, that just makes your bike heavier. Okay, somebody out there convince me that I'm wrong about that. I'm listening.

And while you're at it, try defending 31.8mm stems and bars too. That's another goofy thing we don't really need.

More bar rants to come........stay tuned!

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