Saturday, October 07, 2006

Testing! 1, 2, 3!

The weekend and this following week will be one of testing, testing, and more testing. Here is a short rundown of the things I am riding for review and test.

1. Badger Dorothy Prototype: The Dorothy is basically on very short term loan from Ben Witt of Milltown Cycles. I have to get my ya-ya's on it this week before it goes back north.

2. On One Carbon Super Light fork: I'll be mounting this up to my Inbred 29"er single speed this week and getting in some shakedown rides on it. The first impressions and review might be a couple weeks away due to the focus on the Badger.

3. Raleigh XXIX: Continuing evaluation and some parts swapping will be going on here. Look for further updates later in the month.

4. Raleigh XXIX + G: Geared version coming soon! Stay tuned!

5. Haro Mary XC frame and fork: Build project that will probably take place over the winter months once the frame and fork arrive. I will use this as a platform for reviewing parts and for posts dealing with general installation and maintenance.

Of course, that's just what's on the radar! Might be that something else comes in and trumps all of that! You never know!

Look for these and other 29"er related news, views, and rantings on this blog, but especially on Twenty Nine Inches . I will be making an important announcement soon concerning that website and this blog. Stay tuned!

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