Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Thieves and Rumors

First, I have to say that bike thieves are pretty high on my list of low down bottom feeders. With that said, read this excerpt from the most recent Salsa blog entry.....

"I'd also like to know why people take things that do not belong to them. You see, coming back from Interbike, one of our Dirt Demo trucks was stolen and we lost a crap load of new 2007 frames, bikes and products. Dealers and Salsa fans, if you see any of our new Orange Dos Niner or Red or Brown Ala Carte frames for sale or being ridden, it is probably hot since these are not available to the public. Please keep us posted. It was a huge loss for us."

You know, it happens every year at Interbike and usually right at the show. I hate that it happened to the Salsa Crew. These guys are folks that I know and that's what really makes it hit closer to home. I also would like to add that while lots of folks have cycling passion in spades, these Salsa folks have really got it! Again, it sucks and I hate that it had to happen, especially to them. If anyone can help out, I know it'd be appreciated!

Okay, with that said, let's move on to something a little more fun! That would be rumors! Gotta love the rumors that you read on the forums these days. Rumors of tires and rumors of bikes coming out. Here are some of the hottest topics for disscussion around your 29 inch diameter water cooler today.

Specialized, who have publicly poo-poo'd the idea of 29"ers on several occaisions are said to be preparing themselves a very large Humble Pie. Supposedly, they have been "secretly" developing a couple of 29"ers for an '08 introduction. Now, with about everybody on board the 29"er kool aid wagon but Trek, Giant, and Specialized, the Big Red S has apparently decided to move up it's intro to the end of the month. It wouldn't surprise me, quite frankly, and it makes sense, especially when considering the fact that they now have two tires in the size 29 and no bikes to fit them! ( A fact that I find totally hilarious)

Also, I have heard that Trek is now considering entering a line of 29"ers soon as well. Apparently looking at what has been happening down the hall at Fisher has some brows furrowed up in Waterloo. I'll keep my ears pricked for any more juicy rumors from the Cheese State in the future.

And finally.........Tires! Yes the things that the whole enchilada rolls down the trail on. Several new models are coming out and have been confirmed, but the truly fat, bulbous, high volume tread that several of you out there seem to be lusting after hasn't materialized yet. It seems that this is due in part to a restriction imposed by the currently employed tire making equipment. It seems that 29"er tires have the machines maxed out and a larger volume casing with tread suitable for off roading is just not possible at this point. Hopefully with the trend towards more 29"ers being manufactured and hopefully sold, we will see a manufacturer invest in a machine capable of making that larger volume 29"er tire. Until then, the rumor is that Kenda has in fact made that investment, so we'll see about that. All I know is that as soon as the Smallblock 8 tread hits the shelves I'm going to have a pair! That tire is hawt doode!

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