Sunday, October 01, 2006

Interbike: The Two Faces of Vegas

While we were at Interbike, Tim Grahl and I had a chance to walk around a bit. Our hotel was just behind the Sands convention center where the show was being held, so walking lent itself to getting around very well. I also believe that for getting the true feel of an area there is nothing like doing it either by walking or cycling.

So, what we have here is the definition of a slick image pasted over a pile of crap. The ultimate shiny object that is propped up on the backs of a dilusioned and broken populace. Walk around The Strip for awhile and then wander a block or so off of it. That's all you'll need to do to get the whole story.

I don't think there is any other place on earth besides El Paso, Texas/ Ciudad Jaurez where I have seen the highs displayed so magnaminously and the lows demonstrated in such a heart braking manner. Here in Vegas you have 100 foot high digitized images of entertainers and celebrities with grand and glorious statements of their talent and what they will do to astound you, while in their shadows you have a broken man scooting himself along on a department store bike, totally destitute. You have women displayed as sex goddesses, as if merely seeing them will lift you to new heights and then you see the reality of a girl working as a booth prop at a convention with a far away look that is telling of her disdain of, and entrapment by a system that sucks the life out of her soul.

There is a movement afoot to move Interbike from Las Vegas because of the unsavory, family unfriendly, cycling unfriendly atmousphere that Vegas has. However; I ask the question, is it really that, or do you just not want to have what exists in every major American city so blatantly flaunted in your face?

I say keep the show in Vegas. If you are disturbed by what you see there, you can do something about it where you live. It's in your back yard too. Don't kid yourself. Vegas is just a magnification of America's sickness. A reflection of it. It's not alone in it's debauchery.

So this post isn't about 29"ers, and it may not have much to do with cycling in general, or does it? We all live together on this earth. Our actions have consequences that affect other lives. Cycling involves people that can be affected by other peoples actions, or inactions.

Think about it...............

signed: Guitar Ted, doing my part in Waterloo/ Cedar Falls.

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